Fleet Asset Management Software

The Most Profit Enhancing Fleet And Asset Management System
Swiftfleet is one of the best available fleet and asset management systems in the market. It helps in keeping track of the assets thereby increasing the profitability. The system acts in accordance with all your devices and helps you access the records at your convenience. It also allows better strategy formation which in turn leads to enhanced profit percentage.

Benefits OF SwiftFLeet:
  • Less time consuming and easy to handle which allows access to every employee.
  • Helps in keeping track of new requirements, whether it be material, staff or software.
  • Better customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Better preventive and corrective maintenance which also enable cost cutting.
  • Better record management for consultation in time of a crisis or problem.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction due to proper communication.
  • Optimization of inventory becomes easier.
  • Improvised labour efficiency and data entry.
Tracking Fleet and Asset Information Was Never This Simple: equipment data can be referred to in real time enable better management of stock. The cost associated with the equipment and hazards can be managed and tracked easily. The contacts can also be synchronized as per the needs in case of the equipment and other material. Replacement and material life cycle an also be kept track of. This fleet management system analyses the crucial times and components and helps in taking action on time. So you can be relaxed about the assets of your company as SwifFleet will take care of them for you.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Also Becomes Easy: SwiftFleet helps you in keeping track of the condition of your equipment and analyzing the possible dangers and threats in order to have proper preventive maintenance. This enhance the life term of the equipment and helps in better cost management too. Service scheduling becomes easy for every vehicle or equipment with the system that keeps the record of the service dates precisely. SMS alerts can also be set for any possible threat to the vehicle/equipment or the service date for the same.
Inventory Management And Purchasing: managing the inventory and keeping track of purchases becomes very simple with SwiftFleet. You have the information about the needs of your inventory and can manage your costa accordingly. Cost comparing and barcode scanning were all difficult things in the past, but with SwifFleet these are all child’s play!
Booking and Vehicle Availability Can Be Tracked: you can keep track of all the bookings of your vehicles along with contact details for your records and for any future needs, these records can be consulted. At the same, the system also keeps track of the available vehicles so that you can arrange for one whenever needed.

SwifFleet offers you a flexible, scalable and responsive web application for fleet management software. This software is designed to reduce the cost and effort associated with fleet and asset management. It also helps in easy reporting and analysis which saves your time, effort and moneyWhat’s more? We offer you a free trial of SwifFleet’s services. You can see for yourself how useful the system is for you and your company. So go with SwifFleet and become relaxed. Your fleet and assets will be managed with accuracy, precision and ease.  

Role of ERP Software in an Organisation

What is ERP and How Does it Work?
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business process management software. This is used by an organization to manage the office and automate the business functions. These system make the data easily accessible and more usable in terms or organization of files. This allows accurate planning by the company and have result oriented approach. The company can also schedule the daily activities with the help of ERP software solutions. 

It also helps in managing the finances well. These software play a very crucial role in the development of a company. Logistics ERP solutions also help in managing the records of the employees and allow the employer to plan the growth accordingly. This also allows the company to have fluent communication with the clients. It is a very cost effective system and the benefits are always greater than investment. This helps in long-term planning and management. 

This eliminates the need of multiple management software. It helps to integrate the interaction between marketing, sales, quality control, product processes, supply lines, stocks, human resource module, customer relationship management, information technology, and many other functions in a single database. It reduces the chances of typing errors and re-entry. Enables the company to use a single software and maintain one database for the whole company.

Why is Important for Business?

ERP tools help in managing accounts, employee records and internal and external factor affecting the company. It reduces cost in the long term by increasing the productivity. It reduces the time and effort of managing records as compared to the paper records. The merger of financial and operational information allows the company to analyse the business needs and act in a more effective manner. By combining all the records in one whole, ERP makes the management of data easier and more productive. Apart from records, ERP also helps in the management of material and ensures that no material is lost or stolen. It would also automate the process of buying and maintaining material after analyzing the stock. Helps the company to predict market trends and decide the course of action accordingly. Allows the company to expand business using the internet.

Why ERP Software Is Essential For Logistics and Fleet Management?

  • ERP software helps in managing of vehicle fleets.
  • Ensures hassle-free freight forwarding.
  • Helps in managing EMI.
  • Enables real-time tracking of vehicles.
  • Helps in keeping track of expenses upon a particular vehicle or the entire fleet.
  • Helps in cost-reduction.
  • Allows flexibility as per the market demands.
  • Ledger is effectively maintained through ERP.
  • Helps in warehouse management of goods or vehicles.
  • Ensures effective alerts regarding services.
  • Helps in checking status of vehicle availability.
Why Choose SwiftFleet?

We decide upon the scope of ERP and plan your software accordingly.

We have a team of highly experienced and trained professionals who work devotedly on your project.

We offer cost effective solution with option of flexible payments.

We offer  life-time free software updates.

We offer services like Vehicle management, Booking, Repair and Maintenance, Tyre Inventory management, Inventory management and User management to offer you the best experience.

Our software integrates with your existing IT system to ensure that you do not have to face even the slightest trouble.

We offer predictive, preventive and corrective risk-based management.

Our ERP software helps in daily strategy planning and effective resource management.

We not only provide flexibility of operations but also help in recognizing faults within the system.

Ensure 100% safety of your data with a no leak guarantee.

We synchronise your data into a whole to help with better management of all the sections.

We help you to expand your business through internet by proper management of the data.

We ensure the timely delivery of results.

We ensure increased productivity and profitability by proper management of data.

We help you choose the correct ERP module for your business.

We also help you monitor your progress by the deployment of our ERP software.

We also help in analyzing the customer’s mindset and enable your company to plan accordingly.

The icing on our cake is that we also allow you to have a free trial of our ERP software for your business without any obligations to buy it. You can check the quality and usability of our software before buying it. We ensure that you would find our software suitable for your needs and up to the mark for buying it too. Please contact SwiftFleet for further information on our ERP software for fleet management system.