Fleet Management System

The Most Profit Enhancing Fleet And Asset Management System

Swiftfleet is one of the best available fleet and asset management systems in the market. It helps in keeping track of the assets thereby increasing the profitability. The system acts in accordance with all your devices and helps you access the records at your convenience. It also allows better strategy formation which in turn leads to enhanced profit percentage.

Benefits OF SwiftFLeet:
  • Less time consuming and easy to handle which allows access to every employee.
  • Helps in keeping track of new requirements, whether it be material, staff or software.
  • Better customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Better preventive and corrective maintenance which also enable cost cutting.
  • Better record management for consultation in time of a crisis or problem.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction due to proper communication.
  • Optimization of inventory becomes easier.
  • Improvised labour efficiency and data entry.
Tracking Fleet and Asset Information Was Never This Simple: equipment data can be referred to in real time enable better management of stock. The cost associated with the equipment and hazards can be managed and tracked easily. The contacts can also be synchronized as per the needs in case of the equipment and other material. Replacement and material life cycle an also be kept track of. This fleet management system analyses the crucial times and components and helps in taking action on time. So you can be relaxed about the assets of your company as SwifFleet will take care of them for you.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Also Becomes Easy: SwiftFleet helps you in keeping track of the condition of your equipment and analyzing the possible dangers and threats in order to have proper preventive maintenance. This enhance the life term of the equipment and helps in better cost management too. Service scheduling becomes easy for every vehicle or equipment with the system that keeps the record of the service dates precisely. SMS alerts can also be set for any possible threat to the vehicle/equipment or the service date for the same.

Inventory Management And Purchasing: managing the inventory and keeping track of purchases becomes very simple with SwiftFleet. You have the information about the needs of your inventory and can manage your costa accordingly. Cost comparing and barcode scanning were all difficult things in the past, but with SwifFleet these are all child’s play!
Booking and Vehicle Availability Can Be Tracked: you can keep track of all the bookings of your vehicles along with contact details for your records and for any future needs, these records can be consulted. At the same, the system also keeps track of the available vehicles so that you can arrange for one whenever needed.

SwifFleet offers you a flexible, scalable and responsive web application for fleet management software. This software is designed to reduce the cost and effort associated with fleet and asset management. It also helps in easy reporting and analysis which saves your time, effort and moneyWhat’s more? We offer you a free trial of SwifFleet’s services. You can see for yourself how useful the system is for you and your company. So go with SwifFleet and become relaxed. Your fleet and assets will be managed with accuracy, precision and ease.  

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