Logistics ERP

As we all are aware that it is imperative for a company to keep itself updated and upgraded in today’s highly competitive market. If company is not prepared to stay abreast of the latest developments it can not be well equipped to be better performers than its competitors. The scenario is no different for a logistic company.  A logistic company too needs to keep a stock of its own technological advancements and a track on all its competitors so as to beat the competition in the market. 

As there are various modules in any other ERP system like sales and operations planning, inventory, supply chain management, accounts, HRM, etc. the Logistic ERP system also comprehensively covers these aspects and swiftly integrates . In other words, logistic ERP not only helps the logistic and inventory department, but it also helps other departments of a Transportation and Logistics Service provider company, optimize the resources to maximize the yield. SwiftFleet as a Fleet Management System provides complete visibility in the flow of information between various departments and functions like Bookings, Freight, Transportation, Maintenance, Warehousing, Dispatch, etc. which further helps in the management of accounts so that cost controlling and strategy creation can take place.

The implementation of Fleet Management Solution provides improved coordination across functions and increase efficiency of doing business in the competitive scenario. The immediate benefit from implementing Logistics IT Solutions are reduced operating costs and increased efficiency. Thus having one is never a bad idea. Logistic Application Software is but going to help your company grow by managing and optimizing your resource utilization.

Why Choose Us?

Having the expertise in ERP systems, we deliver you the best Fleet Management System.

You get a tailor made system as we build systems as per the requirement of our customers.

You can assess for your own-selves the ROI our application provides and the value it adds.

Time is money and we strictly believe in serving our customers with their desired system timely, without any delay.

You need not worry even after years of deployment of the system as SwiftFleet has the best ever after sales service process and maintains a very strong relationships with its customers. 


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